What to do on a Saturday night? If you have a taste for fine cocktails, video and board gaming, TV celebrities, burlesque, exploitation genre films, comedians and dance parties then we would like to invite you to the most exciting over 18s pop culture event in the country!


The 2017 Cosplay competition will be judged special guests Henchwench and A.K. Wirru! Registrations are open and spots are limited. More details here , to enter fill in the form below.


Our third guest announcement comes with 3 guests! Bajo - Steven O'Donnell, Goose and Angharad 'Rad' Yeo; the hosts of ABC TV's next generation gaming show Spawn Point will be at GAMMA.CON 2017! Awards: Madman National Cosplay Championship Champion 2010, 2014, World Cosplay Summit Team Australia 2012, Madman National Cosplay Championship 2nd Place 2013.

Registration for Media Passes

Registration is open for media providers wishing to cover GAMMA.CON 2017.



AmenoKitarou (A.K. Wirru) - travels the world as a cosplay competition judge and workshop presenting guest at various pop culture conventions. Awards: Madman National Cosplay Championship Champion 2010, 2014, World Cosplay Summit Team Australia 2012, Madman National Cosplay Championship 2nd Place 2013.


Cosplayer, gamer, and costumier from Sydney, Australia, Henchwench! Awards Won: Australian Championships of Cosplay - Overall winner, 2016 (World of warcraft: Legion - Female Orc Death Knight, Tier 19 Mythic armor) Supanova Sydney 2016 Cosplay Competition - Best Cosplay (Sunday) (Overwatch - Mei) RTX Australia 2016 Cosplay Competition - Best Cosplay (Sunday) (Fallout 3 - Lone Wanderer in armored vault suit)

Volunteering @ GAMMA.CON

Volunteering at GAMMA.CON gives you great experience in events, and you get to work with a great team of enthusiastic lovers of all things pop culture! Volunteers can be from age 16 up and help all over the festival to ensure our attendees have an amazing weekend. Positions include: set-up, ticketing, events, games, crowd management and many more fun and exciting roles.

Notice of OGM- July 11th 2017

The GAMMA.CON Executive provide notice, as per section 25(2) of the The GAMMA.CON Society Inc Constitution, that an Ordinary General Meeting for GAMMA.CON Society has been called to occur on Sunday, June 11th, 2017. The meeting is scheduled to occur at 6pm in the meeting space at the Civic Public Library in Civic. The Agenda for this meeting includes a […]

Notice- Ordinary General Meeting, December 9th 2016

The GAMMA.CON Elect give notice that an Ordinary General Meeting has been called for The GAMMA.CON Society, as per clause 25(2) of The GAMMA.CON Society’s Constitution. The meeting is scheduled to occur at 7pm on Friday the 9th of December 2016. It will be held at the Australian National University in the Manning Clark Centre Theatre 6. (This is the […]

GAMMA.CON Annual General Meeting

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to GAMMA.CON this year, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!   This is an official notification and invitation for the upcoming 2016 Annual General Meeting of the GAMMA.CON Society.   This is the perfect chance to hear from the organising committee how GAMMA.CON 2016 went, planning that might have started for […]

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As GAMMA.CON is a family event any costume or cosplay that exposes nipples or excessive cleavage will not be allowed, similarly buttocks and genitalia must be covered. Please note the GAMMA.CON Staff have the last say on what is appropriate, these rules apply to male and female alike.
If you have a large prop or a weapon you must check it in at our registration desk. You may check it out for photos ops and if you are taking part in the costume competition. Even if your weapon doesn’t have a bladed edge you may still have to check it in.
Please check our Code of Conduct for a full list of costume and prop rules.

Yes! GAMMA.CON is a public event, and there are cameras, phones and media everywhere, and attendees consent to being recorded by buying a ticket and/or attending the convention. That being said, if someone asks you not to take a photo of them or their property, please respect their wishes.

We have plenty of goodies lined up for both days of GAMMA.CON! We advise checking the schedule when it is released to see what interests you, but both days will be equally as good and unique, so consider getting a weekend pass and coming both days!

Yes! There is parking right across the street from the entrance to AIS.