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Long before movies, TV and video games, we got our fix of super humans, fantasy settings and terrifying monsters through the magic of the written word. Fantasy and Sci-Fi novels created the first pop-culture fans and these genres have endured to this day.
GAMMA.CON, with the support of the ACT Writers Centre, are showing respect to the wonders of ink on paper with the inaugural GAMMA.CON Micro Sci-Fiction Competition!
Aspiring writers of Canberra are invited to write an original Short Story under 800 words in the fantasy or sci-fi genres. Entries open on July 7 and all submissions must be received before July 28.
A shortlist of ten stories will be selected by a panel of respected local genre authors and the competition winner will be announced at the closing ceremony of GAMMA.CON on Sunday August 6. 
All shortlisted entries will be published on the GAMMA.CON website. Entries can be submitted by email before 28th of July.
So get writing Canberra, show us your micro-sci-fiction skills!
  • Entries are limited to one story per person.
  • All stories must be kept to a relatively family friendly rating. Adult themes and violence can be included as long as they are not excessive or graphic and serve purpose to the story.
  • As long as stories include Fantasy and Sci-Fi themes, settings or characters, cross-genre submissions (romance, action, horror) will be accepted.
  • We will accept references to fantasy based deities or faiths but please refrain from focusing on real world religions or imagery.
  • Stories can be any length as long as it does not exceed 800 words.
  • Fan fiction or stories set in existing universes (ie fanfiction) will be accepted.
  • Being a competition based on a creative medium, judging of the competition will be subjective and based solely on the opinion of the judges. Although some consideration will be given to spelling, grammar and structure there will be no matrix or score sheet utilised to come to a decision and feedback or explanations on the outcome will not be given.
Extreme violence, gore, nudity and erotica are strictly prohibited. Racist, sexist, religious, derogatory or other inappropriate content that is deemed to be inflammatory of poor taste will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with these standards will result in your entry being disqualified.
GAMMA.CON reserves the right to display all submitted entries for promotional purposes. By entering this competition you are agreeing to adhere to the conditions of entry outlined above.
To enter please compose your story in a document (in either MS word or open document format) and email to along with your name and contact information.

The winner will receive:

A one year membership to the ACT Writers Centre, giving the recipient access to a range of benefits designed to support their writing career. As part of this package, winners will also receive access to one ACT Writers Centre workshop (pending availability) in the 2018 calendar year. Check the ACT Writers Centre website for details of the kinds of courses which will be offered in 2018 (course information will be released by December 2017). as well as a pop culture prize pack.
Get writing!