Below are a list of all the departments that come together to form GAMMA.CON. Volunteers are assigned to each department based on preferences and skillset.

Volunteers will be responsible for helping run the department they are assigned to, as well as bump in and bump out for that area. Some departments will require specialized training, which will be provided before or during shifts.


Creative Space

The Creative Space is where people go to get, well.. creative! Arts & craft, competitions and more happen here, and it’s great fun for the whole family! As a part of the team you will be helping with any issues or queries in the area, and helping everyone have fun being creative!


Front of House

As part of front of house, you will be assisting attendees across the whole show, and on the show floor. This includes assisting with general enquiries, queuing, and keeping traffic flowing.


Guest Management – Personal Assistant

As a personal assistant, it will be your duty to help get your guest to and from all the appointment on their schedule in a timely manner, and to see to the guests needs. This role requires a high level of customer service skills, timeliness, people skills, respect and a great attitude. It is a very full on role, where most of the time will be spent with the guest, with your breaks scheduled around their schedule.


Information & Registration

Information and registration cover a wide range of areas at GAMMA.CON. Whether you’re helping get people though the door at registration, directing people where to go and helping with queries at Info booth or keeping an eye out for dangerous props at Weapons Check, some experience in retail will definitely help you succeed in this department!


Panels / Screening

In the theater/panels rooms, you will be helping people with seating & queuing, as well as helping set up, and tear down panels and workshops.



Do you have a keen eye for capturing lasting memories? As part of the Photography team, it will be your job to capture the magic of GAMMA.CON through film and picture. To do this, you will need your own high quality camera.


Stage Management

Front and center on our Main Stage, you will be assisting with setup and teardown of stage events, stage line management and seating for events.



GAMMA.CON has a dedicated Tabletop Gaming area, which you will assist running, which includes helping people find a game/loaning games from the library and helping teach people the mechanics, and how to play the game they choose! Perfect for all you tabletop lovers.



We have old, we have new. We have black, we have blue. Welcome to the Videogame room! Your roles in the Videogame area will include helping run tournaments, assisting with any technical issues related to the games, helping people play their games if they need a hand and loaning out games.


Volunteer HQ

In Volunteer HQ, you will be assisting our Volunteer Coordinator Dominic with checking in and out Volunteers, keeping an eye on everyone’s stuff, and general Volunteer duties.