GAMMA.CON hosts a wide variety of Video Game events including Tournaments, Free play area. GAMMA.CON has teamed up with AIE to bring the hottest local independent game developers.


GAMMA.CON is proud to offer a wide variety of entertaining and challenging tournaments suitable for both hardcore competitors and fans that just want to play their favorite game.  Are you super at Smashing Bros? Can you Pierce Brosnan it up the best in Goldeneye? Are you the master Master Chief? The world's greatest tortoiseshell thrower? Can you handle a rocket-powered RC car to soccer victory? Are your KOs Perfect? Can you pick up the Pika Cup? Are you Kishida Goichi?

If you answered yes to some or all of these questions then we recommend you register to the #GAMMACON2018 Video Game Tournaments!

There are prizes to win for every tournament and fantastic competitive fun to be had!

Register now to avoid waiting for a spot on the day!


eSports, short for electronic sports, are the top-level matches between superhuman, talented gamers as they strive to defeat their opponents on a range of digital battlefields. GAMMA.CON will be hosting eSports competitions on stage, with a horde of local talent playing all of your favourite competitive games.

Watch this space for programming and entry details.

Retro Free Play Zone

Our Retro free-play area is a great place to hang out, take a break from your busy festival schedule, meet new people and challenge them to a match in pretty much anything; from the hottest new games to the classics. If you want to check out a game you’ve not yet had the chance to play, warm up before a tournament, or just sit down with your friends and game, then head over to the free play area. Simply check out a station and the game you want to play, and you’ll be all set.

The Indie Games Room (IGR) is an Australian and New Zealand showcase of independent games, providing a platform to put indie made games in front of thousands of players.


GAMMA.CON and AIE’s Indie Games Show is a dedicated space for local and interstate developers to showcase their independent games. Located in our popular gaming area to ensure maximum exposure; developers will have the chance to demonstrate, promote, playtest or even sell their game to the wide range of GAMMA.CON attendees. 

Studio Evlanic Entertainment

Run and shoot your way through an army of dinosaurs who are rampaging through the city! Aim for the highest score alone or with a buddy!

Studio Shy Kids Club

With Friends Like These is an adorable game that lovingly forces co-operation where two players have control of the same ship. Everyone on your home planet is super bored and over worked! So you and your bestie have decide to take everyone on a trip to crazy time planet where everyone can let off some steam. Unfortunately, things go wrong and you crash into Super Chill world, your friends don't realise they're on the wrong planet and start to cause chaos. It's up to you to collect up all your friends before they completely trash the place!

Cardboard Keep

Cardboard Keep is back at GammaCon again this time showcasing, playable versions of all our games. Come explore ancient temples in Warden: Melody of the Undergrowth. Got puzzles? Solve with Doggos. Puzzle Puppers is a family-friendly puzzle game. Challenge a friend in Attrition: Tactical Fronts. A fast 5-minute 1v1 tactics games. Take on the persona of the Witch Thief and dodge duck and weave through bullet hell to steal a magic Grimoire.

GhostBolt Games

Avoid dangerous obstacles and explore the vastness of space in this fast-paced space game!

No Moss Studios

Beam Team is a frantic 1-4 player couch co-op, planet destroying game. Survive the onslaught. Rescue your teammates. Fight back against the planet.


An exhilarating VR magical experience. Adventure through a treacherous forest, swarming with the undead. Using your wizardry prowess, can you find the source of its evil and destroy it?