What can I wear for a costume? Can I…

As GAMMA.CON is a family event any costume or cosplay that exposes nipples or excessive cleavage will not be allowed, similarly buttocks and genitalia must be covered. Please note the GAMMA.CON Staff have the last say on what is appropriate, these rules apply to male and female alike.
If you have a large prop or a weapon you must check it in at our registration desk. You may check it out for photos ops and if you are taking part in the costume competition. Even if your weapon doesn’t have a bladed edge you may still have to check it in.
Please check our Code of Conduct for a full list of costume and prop rules.

Can I take pictures or video?

Yes! GAMMA.CON is a public event, and there are cameras, phones and media everywhere, and attendees consent to being recorded by buying a ticket and/or attending the convention. That being said, if someone asks you not to take a photo of them or their property, please respect their wishes.

Which day should I attend?

We have plenty of goodies lined up for both days of GAMMA.CON! We advise checking the schedule when it is released to see what interests you, but both days will be equally as good and unique, so consider getting a weekend pass and coming both days!