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What is GAMMA.CON?

GAMMA.CON is a volunteer-run not-for-profit charity dedicated to bringing together creatives and pop culture fans across the ACT and surroundings.

Launched in 2013 at the Australian National University we have relied on the support of our sponsors and volunteers to bring a bigger event each year.

GAMMA.CON has grown rapidly to become a recognised brand and eagerly awaited event for pop culture enthusiasts and families in Canberra; while each year also drawing more interstate visitors from regional NSW, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond.

A history and future of rapid growth

To track the growth of GAMMA.CON you only have to track its venues – Starting at the ANU Manning Clark Theatre in 2013 with 250 attendes, then moving to the Woden Hellenic Club 2014-2015, AIS Arena 2016-2017, Exhibition Park In Canberra (EPIC) in 2018-2019 and now the National Convention Centre for 2022 with an attendance of 5000. GAMMA.CON is filling the largest venues in Canberra. See our history page for more details.

Every year awareness of the festival grows. With five major tertiary education institutions based in the ACT; plus specialist academies in theatre, video production and computer video effects, Canberra has a huge youth market for the festival to tap into. Outside Canberra GAMMA.CON also services the NSW region, the majority of interstate visitors travel from Southern NSW from the Illawarra to the Riverina. GAMMA.CON’s past regional events (GAMMA.CON Wagga, held in 2018 and 2019) have been very successful with requests for the festival to return still received to this day.

A unique experience

The GAMMA.CON brand is seen as unique to Canberra; a community orientated, socially inclusive event which is more supportive of creative endeavours and personal needs. The festival’s young team of volunteers is representative of the Canberra spirit; dynamic, engaged, and enthusiastic.

When asked to describe the GAMMA.CON brand, festival attendees used words like; creative, community, individual expression, inclusive, local, personable, friendly, and fun.

Larger pop culture festivals run from national or international organisations are not unique to Canberra, and are often viewed as impersonal or too commercially focused.

Vibrant, creative, Canberra

The festival taps into the creative elements of Canberra to build an event that is unlike anything else on the local events calendar. GAMMA.CON’s program of games, artists, costumes, movies, performers and numerous talks and workshops on creating movies, games, comic books, stories or props makes the festival unique to any other pop culture focused events in the city.

Inclusive Canberra

The festival is also inclusive and explores social issues to create a harmonious open and welcoming environment. In 2022 the festival hosted The art of the spectrum, a talk and Q&A with a professional artist talking about his career in the arts industry while living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Previous events have been about the careers of women in the comic book industry and the gaymer (gay gamer) scene.

“What we experienced was a day of joy, kindness and fun that you do not expect with such a large crowd.

“(GAMMA.CON) made a huge difference to a little girl who struggles with mental illness. You have given her fond memories of kind people who included her and more importanly was glad she was there.”

We felt very welcomed at GammaCon. It felt incredibly warm, friendly and inclusive.

Daniel the artist and his panel about autism. The way he welcomed our son.

My son playing Smash Bros against strangers – he suffers from anxiety.”

It was very educational for my own hobbies! As always the artists were amazing and friendly!!

Attendee replies on the highlights of GAMMA.CON 2022 – Source: exit survey

Growing need for support

GAMMA.CON is a not for profit charity and currently wholly volunteer run. Any additional revenue made from a festival is reinvested into future events. Within GAMMA.CON’s success lays a problem. The most senior volunteer roles in the GAMMA.CON team now demand full time hours. To grow GAMMA.CON needs to build relationships with new sponsors, but work hours are limited to evenings and weekends, while volunteer burn out is a growing concern as the hours and pressure of the festival grow, and the festival relies on skilled, passionate volunteers with the time to commit to develop and deliver the event.

Annually GAMMA.CON secures sponsorships from numerous market-relevant businesses, GAMMA.CON offers a range of sponsorship packages valued up to $5,000 to deliver aspects of the festival program, advertising and naming recognition is supplied for this support.

Additionally, dozens of people supply their time to not only volunteer for the festival, but contribute to its program of events, and for the last few years GAMMA.CON has also secured funding with the ACT Tourism Events Grant.

The festival still faces a core challenge, its’ reliance on volunteer time. What GAMMA.CON needs is significant in-kind support or funding to assist in the operations of the Festival.

Become a GAMMA.CON partner (funding or in-kind support over $5000).

We are seeking partners offering in-kind operational support or funding above $5,000 to help the future of the festival and build a unique Canberra icon.

Operational support, such as IT systems, marketing or financial services, will assist the festival. Additional funding can contribute to the festival budget to spend more on guests or promotion to grow the event, however additional funding support to provide salaries on even a part-time or temporary basis will liberate organisers from time constraints to do more to grow the festival, and reduce burnout and reliance on skilled volunteers with full time availability.

Recognition for this support is negotiable, a range of advertising, naming and gratis tickets are on offer. The festival is also investigating becoming a tax deductable charity and registering for income tax exemption to reduce salary costs. If you’d like to support a growing Canberra icon, or wish to hear more, contact

Sponsorships (various packages up to $5000)

GAMMA.CON offers a range of sponsorship opportunities, from advertising space to sponsoring a guest we have a range of opportunities and packages available to any organisation seeking to connect to the Canberra and young adult community.

Check our sponsorship packages and advertising opportunities (pdf 4MB) and contact us


GAMMA.CON has two groups of volunteers. The organising committee, which work nearly year round to develop and deliver the festival. And an army of weekend volunteers for the GAMMA.CON Festival itself. These volunteers are essential to deliver the festival. You can volunteer and help us make GAMMA.CON the safe and fun event it is. To register your interest in the organising committee contact us on with details on your interests, skills and relivent experiences.

Or you could volunteer for the GAMMA.CON weekend. That gives you experience with the festival and you contribute to something truly great. Volunteers are needed for every aspect of the festival, from taking tickets at the door, stage events, ushering, bumping in and out, to guiding guests around the festival.

We are also working with schools so students who volunteer can have their work counted towards work experience. If you’re interested in volunteering for the GAMMA.CON weekend, register to our newsletter for critical updates.


GAMMA.CON is a volunteer-run-not-for-profit charity which means we rely on government funding and sponsorships to run the convention. While it isn’t necessary GAMMA.CON would appreciate anything anyone can offer to help the convention grow to be better each year for attendees.
Thank you for the support, and for keeping GAMMACON running. All tips and bought merchandise go towards building GAMMACON.
To donate go here.
To purchase GAMMA.CON merchandise go here.

GAMMA.CON wants everyone to have a good time at our events. To ensure that happens all guests are required to observe our policies on appropriate behaviour and suitable props.  Ticket sales terms and conditions. Further terms and conditions of entry are available on our Moshtix ticket sales page.