GAMMA.CON Annual General Meeting

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Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to GAMMA.CON this year, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


This is an official notification and invitation for the upcoming 2016 Annual General Meeting of the GAMMA.CON Society.


This is the perfect chance to hear from the organising committee how GAMMA.CON 2016 went, planning that might have started for GAMMA.CON 2017 and a chance for you to give feedback to the committee too!




As it is the AGM, this is also a reminder that membership is up for renewal, to cover your membership till November 2017. Being a member of GAMMA.CON Society is free! And there’s no obligation to participate in the organising committee. For renewal, just sent an email to the secretary with your intent, don’t forget to update your details if you have moved.


Constitutional Amendments


A few amendments are needed to better fit our expectations of getting Incorporated. You can have a look at the proposed amendments here on our proposed agenda for the meeting.


Elections for Executive Committee positions


Elections for Executive Committee Positions will also be held at this time. Please refer to position briefs here and use this form here to nominate for a candidate, or yourself, if you wish to do so.


In absentia


In the event that you’re unable to come for the meeting but would still like to vote on any motions, you can use this form to nominate a proxy with this form. A proxy can be any member of the Society or the Chairperson of the AGM. Proxies also count towards our quorum needed to run an AGM, so please help us out by filling in the forms and emailing it to the secretary.


When: Friday 21st October 2016, 7pm

Where: MCCT 6, Manning Clark Lecture Theatres, ANU

RSVP: (Please RSVP so we can accommodate everyone)


We hope to see you there!


The GAMMA.CON 2016 Committee


AGM Agenda

GAMMA.CON Constitution

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