What is Neko Nation?

Welcome to Neko Nation, an event inspired by the anime nightclubs of Akihabara taking place here in Australia!   Neko Nation is a unique nightclub experience for those who love anime, cosplay and Japanese culture to dance, drink and party the night away in a safe environment.  Ever wanted to hear your songs from anime and video games?  Want to go to a club in cosplay and be surrounded by other cosplayers?  Want to be able to party and interact with other awesome anime fans?  Then Neko Nation is the place to be!

The soundtrack to Neko Nation is played by our great line-up of DJ’s who play a wide variety of Japanese and Korean music plus gaming, anime songs, and remixes.  Expect to hear a wide variety of music to cater to the diverse tastes of our crowd from our DJ’s who are experts in their genres of choice.  Neko Nation attracts DJ’s from the Japanese music, rave and cosplay scene featuring amazing musical talent from Australia’s J-core community and even international talent.

Catalystic (NSW)

With his DJing and the creation of Neko Nation, Catalystic has been a huge influence on the anime, cosplay and Japanese music scene. Catalystic will be bringing those OP’s to the opening of Neko Nation Brisbane with a bunch of tunes and remixes from all your favorite animes and a couple of J- Pop tracks that you’ll Love. Live at GAMMA.CON!

Jadeabella (NSW)

Considered as Australia’s top anime, gaming, and pop culture DJ. Jadeabella is bound to get the crowd going with her fast-paced, high energy, super fun sets absolutely filled to the brim with all your favorite anime, video game and pop culture songs, remixes and references. Jadeabella has made a name for herself with stunning cosplays, amazing DJ sets across Australia and even America!

Dakumeow (NSW)

Dakumeow made a name for herself in Perth over the last few years and has quickly been gaining a reputation as one of the most popular DJs at the Neko Nation events. A regular on the Neko Nation tour well known for her cute and fun Vocaloid sets but in Canberra, she’ll be creating a big bang and bringing the fire from the world of K-Pop!

Little Raven (NSW)

Another DJ with a massive presence in the anime and Japanese culture events. Little Raven is a talented cosplay photographer, amazing event promoter behind the Neo Tokyo events and is also a pretty amazing DJ to boot. Well known for his fast and frantic Japanese inspired breakbeat and Drum n Bass sets, he’s set to create one super amazing set that’s not to be missed.


From video game music, to chiptunes, to nerdy dance remixes and mashups, SK1P has your dancefloor needs covered. He's DJed at every geeky Adelaide music event over the last six years - Neko Nation, AVCon, JoyPad, Sidequest and more - and can't wait to mix it up for your listening and dancing pleasure.


Representing the local talent will be Kreuzberg, a super talented individual who has made a name for
himself in the alternative club scenes in Canberra and Sydney. His sets have been wild and varied
from sweet 90’s pop to hard-hitting goth industrial, however for Gamma.Con he’s going even further
back to the retro sounds of chiptunes and synthwave to kick start Neko Nation @ GAMMA.CON.

Everyone knows that all good parties have free food right?  Plus what good anime doesn’t have fan service, so why not have both?!  The catgirls play a vital role as the hostesses of Neko Nation and do much more than just satisfying the sushi appetites of our guests.  When they aren’t serving sushi they dance, sing along, socialize and make Neko Nation lots of fun for everyone!

Our catgirls aren’t some random booth babes or your average promo girls, they watch anime, play video games and when they’re not serving sushi they want to party like all our other guests!  Our specially selected catgirls play a huge part in making Neko Nation a magical night for everyone to remember!