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History of GAMMA.CON


GAMMA.CON runs for the first time at the Manning Clark Centre at the Australian National University campus. The one-day event attracts 250 attendees and features a cosplay comp, a small artist alley, screening rooms, an art competition and a quiz.


We move to the Hellenic Club and introduces a panel room, a stage for live acts and a dedicated video games room for tournaments and locally developed games. Special guests include Katsyuka Moonfox (cosplay model), Andy Trieu from Pop Asia and Goose from ABC’s Good Game TV show.


GAMMA.CON again expands to cover a full weekend and relocates to the Australian Institute of Sports Arena, offering more floor space and more rooms for workshops, panels and other side events.


A showcase of comic book guests is added to the program along with GAMMA@Night; an 18+ evening event on the Saturday with geek-themed drinks, mature-themed movies and stage shows.

Wagga 2018

The first-ever year Gamma went rural with cosplay guest Hayley Elise. GAMMA.CON brought pop culture to Wagga with over 500 attendees, along with Gamma@Night and +18 evening events.


GAMMA.CON relocates to Exhibition Park In Canberra (EPIC), one of Canberra’s biggest venues. Our first international guest Spike Spencer attends. The comic book showcase returns with a bigger range of talent including Dean Rankine of Simpsons Comics and David Yardin of Marvel Comics, DC Comics and more. Attendance is 4800.

Wagga 2019

GAMMA.CON continues to gain traction with another Wagga event. With bigger guests, more games, artists, and pop-culture attendees.
Cosplay Guests: Hayley Elise, Henchwench & ScrapShopProps.


GAMMA.CON continues to grow; with more games, food options, and an artist alley of over 100 artists GAMMA.CON now fills the two largest pavilions of EPIC. Bigger name international guests attend; including YouTuber Jesse Cox and anime voice actor Paul St Peter who provide workshops and entertainment on stage.
Comic Guests: Jon Sommariva, Matthew Lin & Marcelo Baez.
Cosplay Guests: NerdCoreCreation, Danielle Debs, Henchwench & ScrapShopProps.
Attendance is 5300.

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GAMMA.CON wants everyone to have a good time at our events. To ensure that happens all guests are required to observe our policies on appropriate behaviour and suitable props.  Ticket sales terms and conditions. Further terms and conditions of entry are available on our Moshtix ticket sales page.