Every year Team GAMMA.CON is proud to host international and local stars from pop-culture industries. We pride ourselves on allowing attendees to interact with guests at no extra cost. Our previous guests have included voice actors, comic book artists and writers, TV personalities, cosplay stars and gaming developers.

2018 Guests

GAMMA.CON is very pleased to present our official guests for 2018!

With a standard day or weekend pass, you will be able to meet our guests and signing sessions.













2018 TableTop Guests

GAMMA.CON Tabletop is excited to announce a guest for #GAMMACON2018 - The DiceStormers!

Who are The DiceStormers?

They play RPGs! Including Pathfinder, Starwars D6, Call of Cthulhu, Maelstrom, Shadowrun and All flesh must be eaten.

The DiceStormers they stream their own adventures, on YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDiceStormers) with a wild mix of comical humor and love of RPGs.

From their live shows at #PAXAus to #GAMMACON2018 for you to enjoy!

Live Comedy! Live Music! Live Adventuring?!

Storm clouds gather. Icy winds whip across the plains. In these dark times, only a plucky band of heroes can save the day!

Roll For Intelligence is a live improvised performance, based on everyone’s favorite tabletop RPGs. Think dice, costumes, and dragon-slaying adventures. Our heroes venture forth, facing off against the Master of Dungeons. At their side stands the mute Bard, weaving a soundscape worthy of its own saga.

- Your game face!
- Everyone you know!
- Your best adventure suggestions!

Guest Panels

More than just your average panel, these are run by GAMMA.CON's special guests. The panels can be a general discussion about the guest’s career or a workshop aimed at a particular skill including voice acting, animation, cosplay and game development.

If you are interested in the guest/s why not sit in and enjoy their amazing tales of life experience or be a part of the end of panel Q&As.

2018 Comicbook Guests Presented by

Every year Team GAMMA.CON is proud to bring you your favourite Australian and International Comics Artists and Writers in the flesh. 

Dean Rankine

Dean Rankine is a Comic Artist and Writer best known for his work on Simpsons Comics.

Dean’s credits include; Simpsons Comics #180, #182, #183, #184, #186, #200, #211, #225, #228, #231, #233, #234, #238, #240, Futurama Comics #62, Bongo’s Two One-Shot Wonders in One #1, Bart Simpson’s Pal, Milhouse #1, Simpsons Winter Wingding #7, #10, Bongo Comics Free-For-All 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2018, The Malevolent Mr. Burns #1, Bart Simpson Comics #78, #80, #82, #83, #87, #89, #91, #94, #95, #98, #99, The Greatest Bartman Stories Ever Told #1, Jimbo Jones #1, The Mighty Moe Szyslak #1, Krusty the Clown #1, Chief Wiggum's Felonious Funnies #1 and The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror' #23 (Bongo Comics).

He’s also contributed work to; Rick and Morty (Oni Press), The Hellboy Winter Special (Dark Horse), I Hate Fairyland #13 (Image), The Beano and The Dandy (DC Thomson), Mania magazine and Australian MAD magazine (Next Media) and illustrations to; Bartman: The Superhero’s Handbook (Matt Groening Productions), The Mad Scientist (Pearson), the Stuff Happens series (Penguin Books) and A Funny Thing Happened to Simon Sidebottom (Scholastic).

He’s the creator of the Ledger Award-winning Itty Bitty Bunnies in Rainbow Pixie Candy Land #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and Itty Bitty Bunnies: Cavalcade of Contraband (TPB) and Friendgasm (TPB) published through Action Lab.

Dean’s available to draw you ‘Simpsons’ style and for the right price will happily put your head in a jar a la Futurama.

David Yardin

David Yardin has been illustrating comics professionally for 18 years.

The son of Mauritian immigrants, David was born, raised, and is based in Sydney Australia. He got his start in the industry after studying under Whilce Portacio in the Philippines in 1999. He has since had his work published by Image Comics, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Boom Studios, and Valiant Comics. David has also provided promotional artwork for many of Marvel's recent film releases Marvel's The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, and Doctor Strange.

Best known for his 4 years run as the regular cover artist on X Factor, David's most recent credits include Marvel Comics’ Jean Grey & X-Men Gold, and DC Comics’ Justice League, Suicide Squad, Injustice 2, and Wonder Woman.

Jon Sommariva

Jon Sommariva is an Australian comic book artist who was born in Sydney but moved to Canberra as a baby when his father was assigned a top-secret NASA mission. Planets and satellites were involved. It was on these mean streets (of Canberra) that he honed his skills as an art ninja, and eventually reached his goal of becoming a full-blown comic making Viking. Since 2002 he has been published by some of the biggest comic book companies in the world, including DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image, and IDW. He has also worked as an illustrator and concept designer for companies like Disney, Hasbro, Insomniac, and Nickelodeon.

Some of the titles Jon has worked on include Batman/TMNT Adventures, Star Wars Adventures, TMNT Amazing Adventures, Rexodus, Freerealms and his creator-owned book Gemini. He also created all the cutscene and title art for Wulverblade; a game that has been released on all the top gaming consoles,
including Nintendo Switch, PS4, and X Box. He loves drawing.


Darren has been a staple of the Australian comics scene for over 15 years, at first with the formation of the OzComics website (and subsequent drawing challenge) as well as the publication of his KILLEROO comic book series. With over a dozen books and counting, Killeroo has become one of the most recognized and iconic Australian comic book characters, featuring the work of folks like Ben Templesmith, Jon Sommariva, Andie Tong, Jason Paulos and Jason Badower.

He's also worked in collaboration with Jason Badower on international comic titles such as WONDER WOMAN '66 and IPSO FACTO, as well as provided concept art for WATERBORNE, the first zombie kangaroo film.

His 24hr comic STRUGGLE was named Best Australian Original Comic Book of 2015 by ComicOz.

Darren is excited to bring you even more new Killeroo works in 2018 at GAMMA.CON!

Annabelle Lee

The Octopus and Family book series, imagined, written and drawn by the overwhelmingly talented Annabelle Lee, has all you’ve ever wanted in a book, except, perhaps, a plot. If you are a fan of dad-jokes, Cards Against Humanity, Superheroes or anything octopi, this is for you. Returning for the second year and with not one but TWO new octopus books, don’t miss the chance to have a read and a laugh. Then you can tell all your friends and buy copies for everyone you know and they will all love you forever, guaranteed*.

Katie Marx

Katie Marx is quietly convinced that there are shady things going on in the world, and that alien powers older than space and time are manifesting in our reality via minion memes. Or something like that. Ever practical, Katie has decided to combat these forces of darkness by becoming a comic book writer and is best known for being the co-creator (along with Mel Rowsell) of Metcop Wonderland, a book about ticket inspectors, broken hearts, and trans-dimensional monsters.

Matt Kyme

Matt Kyme is a Melbourne based comic book writer/artist best known for creating That Bulletproof Kid and The Demon, in addition to co-founding IF? COMMIX with author Andrez Bergen as an outlet for their collaboration Tales to Admonish. In 2016, American publisher Project Nerd Publishing released That Bulletproof Kid in the United States.

Matt has released a number of comics and graphic novels and has contributed writing and/or art to Carmen, From Above, Bullet Gal, Decay, Retro Sci-Fi, Gaining - Velocity Darker Forces, Gourmand Go and Melbourne Comics Quarterly. Matt’s series ‘The Demon’, a 1930’s inspired white hat masked adventurer series, was shortlisted for a 2017 Ledger Award and has quickly become one of the most iconic Australian comic book series and characters in Independent comics.

Jamie Johnson

Fuelled by his love of the comic medium, Sydney based illustrator Jamie Johnson has been drawing for as long as he can remember. A lifelong Phantom fan, he did his first cover for 'The Phantom' comics (Frew Publications) back in 2012 and has gone on to become a fan favorite artist, known for his wraparound and connecting covers as well as the annual Supanova Jam covers. This will be his second year in a row at GAMMA.CON and you can find him via
instagram.com/quickdraw13 or facebook.com/

Mark Hobby

Mark resides and lowers property values in Sydney. He is the creator/writer of Job Dun, Fat Assassin and Sik 'n' Rex, Bullet Dogs! - bizarro sci-fi low-brow smut about outsider killers playing rough in a VR dystopia, think Bladerunner, with dick jokes. Working with a variety of Australian and international artists, the stories influences include 2000AD (Lobster Random), Heavy Metal and Simon Bisley's Lobo. Mark has also contributed stories to various books including ‘Decay Horror Comic’. Mark’s irreverent approach to comics and writing is bracing, unique, monstrous and hilarious, much like the man himself. He is a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, covered in stains. Make no mistake he is a monster and must be stopped at all costs!

Dave Dye

Dave Dye has worked as a farm labourer, a stockman, a fireman, a soldier and an illustrator. During the Iraq War he worked as a Psyops operator creating comics as a communication tool in the Australian Area of Operations. Since his discharge from the Army in 2011, he has worked as a comic book artist. In that time he has self published “The Anzac Legend” and Two issues of “Amazing Tales” (his own collection of short stories). He has also worked in collaboration with a number of writers including Darren Koziol, Emmet O’Cuanna, Roger Stitson, James Broadhurst  and Danny Nolan. His latest project is illustrating a graphic history about the Eureka Stockade.

Big Tim Stiles

Big Tim Stiles is a writer, podcaster, and actor who has worked in the creative arts for over two decades. After four years of writing comic book reviews for GiantFireBreathingRobot.com he dove into writing with short stories for Australian cult comics KILLEROO and CIRCUS, and his own comic book CTHULHU WILLIAMS (resulting in two successful Kickstarter). Big Tim's struggles with depression and chronic pain have informed and fuelled his webcomic GORILLA MY DREAMS.

Matt Heath

Matt Heath is a Sydney based illustrator with a long-spanning career in graphic design and art direction.  Inspired from an early age by Star Wars films and 2000AD comics his extended waking hours are consumed with design and art projects. Whilst working in Berlin Matt joined what is now ARTtitude Collective which led to his work on the Streets of Warcraft publication for Blizzard Europe, exhibits at Paris Games Week 2016 - 2017 and in 2018 Wargaming.net's World of Tanks. His first foray into feature films was the Sci-Fi drama Terminus released in 2016 (USA) and in the same year published a tutorial in Digital Painting Techniques Vol. 8 by 3DTotal. Matt sketches both traditionally and digitally and creates concept art as well as production art for film, games and editorial illustration.

Check out Matt's work at www.mattheath.com.au and catch him on Instagram @mattheathillustration

Dan Watts

Dan Watts is a freelance comic artist, illustrator, and writer. Dan is the creator and publisher of ‘Bipp and Trax, Intergalactic Real estate’ , an all-ages sci-fi comedy chronicling the adventures of Bipp and Trax as they work for the most powerful (and despicable) Real Estate boss in the galaxy. He is the artist for the children's book ‘Freya the First Aider’, an adventure story which teaches First Aid. Freya is expanding and will soon have a full series of books.

Dan Watts has contributed art to countless Australian comics including ‘The Demon’, ‘Smiling Damned’, ‘That All-Star Bulletproof Kid’, ‘Bronwyn’, ‘Job Dun Fat Assassin’, ‘Magpie’, ‘Deathship Jenny’ and ‘McBlack’, just to name a few. He has also published a small collection of comics he has worked on into a small anthology.

Ryan K Lindsay

Ryan K Lindsay is an award-winning Australian comic writer who has written for a variety of publishers. He has partnered with artist Eric Zawadzki to produce: ETERNAL through Black Mask Studios, and HEADSPACE, with Sebastian Piriz, through Monkeybrain Comics/IDW. He has partnered with artist Sami Kivela to produce: BEAUTIFUL CANVAS through Black Mask Studios, DEER EDITOR through his own ‘Four Colour Ray Gun' imprint and a handful of Kickstarter successes, and CHUM through ComixTribe. He was selected as a participant in the DC Writing Workshop group of 2016. His other comics include: Aurealis and Ledger Award-winning NEGATIVE SPACE with Owen Gieni through Dark Horse Comics, GLOVES with Tommy Lee Edwards in the Vertigo CMYK anthology, as well as EIR with Alfie Gallagher, INK ISLAND with Craig Bruyn, and STAIN THE SEAS SCARLET with Alex Cormack through Kickstarter for ‘Four Colour Ray Gun.’ He's written/edited analytical texts, including THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS: EXAMINING MATT MURDOCK AND DAREDEVIL through Sequart, and has had essays published in Criminal, Godzilla, Sheltered, Strange Nation, and Crime Factory.

Shane W Smith

Shane W Smith is an Australian graphic novelist who uses the genre to explore and uncover some of the deeper meanings of human experience. His books have been shortlisted for awards a total of five times, including twice for the fan-favorite Undad. His latest work, an epic fantasy graphic novel about jealousy and self-esteem and a world brought to its knees by the misadventures of three young people in love, will launch in late 2018. Shane has a Bachelor degree in Creative Writing and might be the only person in the world to get a comic published in a refereed academic journal. He lives in Canberra with his wife and four young children.

Camillo Di Pietrantonio

In the year 2200, the earth is in the middle of a war, with an evil alien race. The alien race of the reptoids had infiltrated earth and posed as political leaders, slowly destroying human culture since the dawn of the new millennium. The only way to overcome this war was to send earth's mightiest soldier back in time, in an attempt to kill the first of the reptoids to arrive. His name was Camillo Di Pietrantonio. Unfortunately, on his way back, Camillo hit his head and lost all memory of the war which he was sent to prevent. Through time he became obsessed with comic books and began his pursuits in becoming a comic book illustrator. He successfully continues to execute his art in the heart of Sydney and has so far been published on titles such as The Phantom and Killeroo.

Halftone Productions - Bradley Adan

Bradley Adan is from the town of Albury. Suffering from a heart condition he has been in and out of hospitals since childhood using video games, comics, manga, cartoons, anime and creative writing as a means of escape. Falling in love with all of these fascinating worlds he has thrown himself into creating. Self-publishing ‘Super Ready Battle Armor’, his passion project has brought early success with more to come. He believes that everyone has a story to tell. People are very creative, whether you can draw or write or any other artistic medium. So, get your story out there and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Believe in yourself! We can’t wait to see what you can do.

Halftone Productions - Kieran Jack

Kieran Jack runs a small indie publishing company called Halftone Productions and he’s responsible for the creation of the 6 part comic series The Talking Bread, and soon to be second comic series, In Purgatory. When Kieran isn’t working on comics, commissions, or other design projects, you can find him at comic, gaming, and pop culture conventions around Australia.

In 2018 he’ll be launching some new projects backed by the crowdfunding platform ‘Kickstarter’ with which some of the previous issues of The Talking Bread owe their existence to. His firm believes in the longevity of the industry and his pure talent is sure to take this young artist a long way.

Will Lehmann

After posting his art on Instagram Will Lehmann's professional career as a comic book artist and illustrator began. A freelance artist from Sydney, Australia, Lehmann's work includes the soon to be published title Trouble, along with various beautifully styled fan art from Akira Toriama's Dragonball, Marvel's Avengers and DC comics. "I think the Dragonball series stuff has been my favorite to draw. I guess like everyone, once you grow up with a franchise it stays with you for a long time. It's just... Always so exciting to do."

David Strickland

David Strickland is a Melbourne based Artist who creates wonderfully detailed scenes that bring you into another world. Working primarily with traditional mediums the main focus in all of his work is imagination, as it is his dream to create new worlds and ideas that may one day inspire in the same way that other artists and creators have inspired him. To create is to share your dreams with the world.

Angie Spice

Angie Spice published her debut comic series “Courier  - The Adventures Of Geraldine Barker”  in May 2016. Since then she has released a further 2 issues, concluding the original story arc set in Maydena town, Tasmania. Angie was also the winner of the Australian 24 hour comic challenge with her entry “Galah Girl”during the same year.  Both comics present historical Australian settings with convicting female protagonists.  Spirituality, music and emotive drama are frequent elements in her storytelling style.

Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell is a cartoonist and illustrator from Newcastle, New South Wales. He has been independently producing the comic series Storm Clouds for several years, exploring themes of mental health and satirizing millennial culture through a convoluted neo-noir crime drama. The latest installment, Ghost Beach, is designed to experiment with color, layout, pacing and altering illustration styles to tell a tale of anxiety, guilt, and deceit.

His comics work has also been used in an academic context in the Medical community, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. As a commercial illustrator, Ben has worked in the local music industry for several years, working collaboratively with record labels, nightclubs and brands like Red Bull and Oporto, and artists such as The Vengaboys and Basement. He is currently completing a Ph.D. on graphic and publication design as narrative devices in comics at the University of Newcastle.

He lives in a two-bedroom apartment above a bubble tea cafe in Newcastle West with a camera operator named Stephen.