GAMMA.CON 2015Stage Events

Worf Revue

Ever heard of the multiverse theory? Essentially it’s the idea that every possible world exists. As Writer and Director John Lombard is going to show us, this means that even incredibly silly worlds probably exist somewhere out there in the multiverse. That’s why he has prepared a showcase of hilarious plays called The Worf Revue.

Actors Patrick G-M, Zoe Swann, Hugh Whitton, Darcy Stanford, Barbi Jones & Annie Roberts will perform some familiar characters set in some very unusual worlds that will be introduced by Commander Worf. The show will run for around 50 minutes on Saturday the 23rd of May where you can witness stories such as:

A mysterious traveller advertises in a newspaper for a companion. A young boy no longer needs to seek his father’s love because he has Facebook. A fairy tries of deal with losing her love. And a masked adventurer faces the greatest challenge: stand-up comedy.

The Worf Revue is funny and touching and demonstrates some of the best & nerdiest local theatre. You should definitely make time for one or all of these brilliant live action plays during your time at ‪#‎GAMMACON2015‬!

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