GAMMA.CON 2015Panels

Writer’s Panel

As the old saying goes, the books are so much better than the movies. As everything from comics, fantasy novels and romance stories hits the big screen in what could be called the age of movie adaptions, written word is becoming more popular than ever. Entire worlds are created just by reading words and an idea in your head can be eternalised on paper.

Canberra has many authors writing beautiful literature and we’d encourage any of you who are trying to get published to never give up! Whether you suffer from writers block or don’t know quite how to put your ideas to ink, or if you’re flying through your work and want to find out the next steps, you can get free tips from professional authors at GAMMA.CON 2015!

We are proud to have Leife Shallcross, Donna Hanson and Nicole
Murphy; members of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild, Daniel O’Malley; author of ‘The Rook’, Jack Heath; author of Replica and The Lab, and T. J. Burgin; young Canberran and author of ‘The First Tail’ a self published Fantasy novel now available in Canberra stores.

Together they will describe their experiences in writing, how they come up with ideas, how a finished book comes together, getting their works published and the different paths that took them down their literary careers.

A must for any budding author or literary enthusiast. Make sure you attend their panel on Saturday the 23rd of May! For more info or to check out all our other panels for the day, head to

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