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Needlewitch Sewing Class

Learn how to sew at ‪#‎GAMMACON2015‬!

Ever had to waste money at one of those clothing alterations stores you see in the mall? Do you beg the tailors in your life to fix rips in your jeans or sew that last piece you need for your costume? Why not learn how to do it yourself!?

At 6:30pm on Friday the 22nd of May, you can come to GAMMA.CON to learn costume making from professional seamstress Bernadette ‘Needlewitch’ Thomas and learn how to look stunning in them with tips fromcosplay icon Katyuska Moonfox!

This class is included for FREE with your Friday night pass to GAMMA.CON! Whether you’re a beginner or a long time sewer, Bernadette has some tips that’ll help you construct the best costumes possible! You’ll be walked through how to design & use patterns, how to select fabrics & threads and how to convert these into your costumes for GAMMA.CON 2016 or any other event!

As if it didn’t sound good enough already, the first 35 attendees will receive a free summary of the lesson and a small sewing related gift! Don’t miss out on your chance to pick up a new life skill with help from a pro! For more info, head to…/needlewitch-costume-master-class or check out to sign up for sewing classes now!

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