Indie Game Show

GAMMA.CON Indie Game Show!

You’ve heard of Nintendo, you’ve played Xbox and Playstation – But did you know there are some extremely talented developers making games right here in Canberra?

At ‪#‎GAMMACON2015‬ you’ll have a chance to discover some of the best new games produced locally and meet the developers themselves!

With titles such as Kieru by Pine Fire Studios, The Incredible Journey of You and I by Shy Kids Club, Dragon’s Wake by Brain Box Software, Warden by Cardboard Keep, Evergreen by Siege Sloth Games, Night Time Terror by VR Bits, Tahira by Whale Hammer Games, BEARZERKERS by Wildgrass Games, The Dawn Star by Farbs and All the Kind’s Men by Hazardfax – There is a huge amount of fun to be fun at the GAMMA.CON 2015 IGS!

Make sure you check them all out over the convention for an incredible gaming experience!

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