CompetitionsGAMMA.CON 2015

Film Entries

Remember that entries are due for our Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Fest on the 20th of May. That still leaves an entire 18 days to finish your work which is still plenty of time!

If you’re still interested in working on a film but don’t have a team, leave comments or posts on our page asking if anyone is interested in joining up or try asking around on other Canberra film makers groups.

Films of any length or style are fine as long as they fit either the Sci-Fi or Fantasy genre. Winners will receive a ‘Golden GAMMA’ award and the chance to have their movie screened at GAMMA.CON in front of an audience of film fans!

For more information head to If your question isn’t covered there or you’re ready to submit your entry, contact We can’t wait to see your work. Good luck to everyone who enters!

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