FRUiTs Fashion Parade

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Love fashion? Do you dress alternatively, traditionally or just enjoy looking your best wherever you go? Have a lot of great outfits that don’t exactly fit the definition of a costume? Well the ‪#‎GAMMACON2015‬ FRUiTs Fashion Parade is for you!

The FRUiTs Fashion Parade is a showcase of pop culture and traditional or eccentric fashion, wherever it’s Japanese inspired, Vintage or Punk. Sometimes costumes can even be included, such as with Gijinka fashion that is inspired by the personification of other creatures or characters, such as Pokemon!

Whilst you may not always see people in Canberra celebrating this kind of fashion, there are a few stores that specialise in these areas and some groups of people who get together to enjoy these types of outfits – Such as the Canberra Lolitas (https://www.facebook.com/groups/263198573701246/) with one of their members pictured below!

If you sound interested in this type of fashion but aren’t sure how to pull it off, you should definitely join their group and talk to them – Or you can head to http://gammacon.org.au/events/fruits for all the information you need, contact us at events@gammacon.org.au and sign up on the website! We can’t wait to see your style!


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