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What do you mean ‘costume’?
Costume is when you dress up as almost anything you want. Whether it is a character from an anime, game, comic, book, movie, TV show, an original character or a fashion genre such as lolita or historical pieces. This includes cosplay or “costume play”.

How do I enter the Costume Competition?

Anyone who buys a pass for GAMMA.CON 2015 and who is wearing a costume, can enter the costume competition. However we have a limit of 30 entrants, so it’s first in, first served!

There are two ways to enter:


You can register online here before Wednesday the 20th at 11:59pm. Fill out the online form below letting us know about you, your costume, your character (including a image) and if you are having a skit (including audio). Then on the day of GAMMA.CON, come to the registration desk before 11:30am to confirm your entry.

On the day

Registration for the costume competition is also open during the convention from 9:00am till 11:30am at the information desk, inside the hallway. Though, keep in mind that due to limited spots, registration is only possible if there are places still available so we cannot guarantee on the day registration. We also will not be accepting audio for skits or images of characters for the slide show for on the day registration.

What you have to do

All you have to do is go on stage and show off your costume. Other than that it is up to you! There is a time limit of 3 minutes max per entry. There are many different things you can do when entering the contest.

  • You can enter individually or as a group, a group still has the same time limit as an individual.

  • You can do a skit or just get up on stage and show off your costume.

Costume rules

Any costume entered into the Costume Competition must follow the Code of Conduct set out on the GAMMA.CON website.
Costumes do not have to be hand-made.

If a costume is large or difficult to move please be aware that due to the stage area having stairs, it may be difficult to get on the stage. If you believe you might have any problems please include it in the online entry form.

Prop rules

Props are allowed as long as they are not deemed dangerous or inappropriate. Some examples of props that would not be allowed are:

  • Bladed, edged weapons or live steel.

  • Any wheeled item (this does not include items that are necessary for mobility)

  • Any flammables or anything that produces a live fire.

  • Anything that shoots projectiles.

For a full list of rules please see the Code of Conduct set out of the GAMMA.CON Website.
If unsure about a prop that you wish to use, just send an email to

Skit Rules

A good way to show off your costume or your groups costumes on stage if through a skit in the competition. We also have a prize for best skit. Though keep in mind that

  • Skit material must be appropriate and within the Code of Conduct.

  • Skits are to be no longer than 2 minutes, otherwise you will be cut off.

  • Skits either have to be pre-recorded (all speech and music is prepared and given to staff beforehand and the performance is mimed without mics) or performed live (no audio or video can be used).

  • Anything necessary for a skit (audio, video etc.) must be sent with the costume entry form or emailed to, this option is only available to entrants who pre-register online.

  • Audio files must be in mp3 format. Videos in .avi, .wmv or .mkv

What we will be judging

There are many categories this year, this includes:

  • Best in Show

  • Best Skit

  • Best Group

  • Best In-Character

  • Best Newbie

(All categories are under the discretion of The GAMMA.CON Society and can be changed or altered at any time.)


We have been donated many awesome prizes this year, some of which are:

The winners from all categories will be invited to join a special free photoshoot, the resulting photos will be used in an article on Cosplay in Canberra in the nationally published Gametraders LIVE Magazine.

To enter, please fill in the form below:

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