Board Games

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Video games are great, but long before that there was board games! Whilst it’s easy to imagine medieval rulers sitting around entertaining themselves with delicately carved ebony and ivory chess pieces, board games have made their way into pop culture and definitely have something for everyone.

Whether you like Trading Card games, Miniatures, Role-Playing Games or good old fashioned Monopoly, we definitely have something that’ll ruin your friendships at GAMMA.CON… We mean, keep you and your friends entertained! (Depends how you play!)

Our board games are provided by The Games Capital and are free to play over the weekend and there is many options suitable for all ages. There’s also the chance to meet some indie board game developers and try their games: Dragon Racer, Survival and Dreary Hamlet!

We also have scheduled sessions of Dungeons and Dragons and a dedicated Learn to Play Magic: The Gathering area thanks to Three D6 with free sample packs for new players! For more information head to Until then, prepare to duel!

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