Art Room

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Are you the next Banksy or Picasso? Do you zone out during class and start doodling in your exercise book? Perhaps you just want a quiet place to relax during the hustle & bustle of the main area? Then the art room is for you!

Aside from enjoying the peaceful atmosphere and having a place to go and complete your projects, there’s also a variety of competitions and challenges you can participate in!

First of all, it’s not too late to enter your master piece in our art competition! No matter what medium, as long as it’s heroes & villains themed and PG you can have it displayed in our art room for not only free exposure, but also a chance to win a $50 Eckersly’s voucher! Head to to enter or submit on the day!

If art projects like that aren’t your thing, try our quick draw challenge on the day. Using materials we provide, you’ll have to sketch something in a short time limit and try your best to impress us! It’s a fun challenge for the professionals and the doodlers!

Finally, there’s a colouring in competitions! Whilst prizes are reserved for the young entrants, if you really can’t hold back the urge to give it a go and embrace your inner child, you’re welcome to! Just don’t have a temper tantrum or you’ll be sent to bed.

The art room will be open both days of the convention so make sure you check it out!

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