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As awesome as senseless destruction in movies can look, a lot of the time it’s actually done with special effects to save money on explosives and set damage. It’s also a lot safer! But visual effects aren’t just used for ridiculous action shots, they serve a huge range of purposes from just improving the overall look of a scene, making a person stand out or even adding in extra characters or objects!

For those of you intending to film cosplay videos at GAMMA.CON, you’ll find that VFX are perfect for creating super powers in a film and you can learn how to do it by heading to our VFX panel headed by industry veteran Dave Scotland.

Dave has over 12 years of CG production knowledge and experience, working some of the biggest clients in the entertainment industry including Disney, Warner Bros. and Plastic Wax, just to name a few!

In his panel he’ll guide you through stylized Visual Effects shots which you can use to give your short films and cosplay videos a professional finish that makes them stand out from those who don’t attend the panel!

Until then you can find out more info about learning VFX from the AIE website…/3d_animation…/ad_dip_screen_vfx.htmlor head to to find out about all our other panels!

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