Tabletop and Board Games

For table top and board gamers GAMMA.CON has a variety of activities: brand new board games from local game developers and a library of games. The Canberra gaming community is here providing demonstrations of several wargames, including a Warhammer Age of Sigmar competition and demo games. ThreeD6 is here again running competitions for the Star Wars-based X-Wing miniatures game. Games Workshop (Belconnen) are running a Warhammer Age of Sigmar competition and demo games.

Boardgame library

The games at this year's GAMMA.CON are supplied by Guild restaurant and Looking for Gamers (LFG). The games include Attila, Big Bang Theory, Catan, Cludo, Code names, Dixit, Dominion, Firefly Blue Sun, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Risk, Ticket to Ride (Europe), Timeline, Tsuro, and many more.

Local game developers

Once again you will be able to play the very latest board games from local and interstate game developers. This year we have…
Absolute Decimation
Absolute Decimation is a skirmish game set in a high-tech post-apocalyptic world. Squadrons of tanks, hovercraft, walkers and aircraft fight under the command of human Digipaths, talented individuals who can reprogram a drone as easily as another might ride a bike or throw a ball.   The game features balanced list building on the fly, construction of new units during the game, and an orders-based activation system that will keep you guessing your opponent's strategy.

Battleforce Chronicles
The Earth you knew is gone.  Welcome to your new Galaxy.  With the fate of humanity at the mercy of a relentless, ruthless alien threat, The stakes have never been higher. Will you save TABULA RASAN?  Or is it destined to the same fate as the old EARTH?  Battleforce Chronicles is a fast paced Epic Tabletop Militaristic RPG. Destiny is in your hands.
“The virus swept through the world like a flood, bringing with it mass death, war and anarchy. It killed most of its victims, but those who survived its ravages were changed.”  The Outbreak is Over and the Infected have been all-but wiped out. Now, finally, there is a chance for humanity to rebuild and recover.  Infected is a post-zombie post-apocalypse role-playing game of survival, suspense and horror. The Infected aren't slow, stupid or numerous. They hunt you from the ruins: starving and desperate as anyone else.  Will you try to rescue humanity from its darkest days, or light a match and watch it burn?

Dragon Ball Super
This Card Game is a fast paced, high stakes action card game featuring a roster of characters from not just Dragon Ball Super, but all of the Dragon Ball franchise! Choose your favourite character to lead your elite warriors into battle, charge your energy to summon powerful allies or use amazing special moves just like in the series! Thanks to Jolt Games, we are able to show off off all the exciting core mechanics of the game, allowing people a chance to be some of the first in Canberra to try this incredible next step in the evolution of Dragon Ball!

Head Chef
From Cstar Games, Head Chef is a tabletop card game where you collect ingredients to cook tasty food So tasty that cooking this food will make you famous! Making this food will gain you points of fame. Once you gain enough fame you can upgrade your little food truck to a trendy cafe, but if you can keep that kitchen burning the mayor will surely recognise you for your popularity, allowing you to become the Head Chef of the town’s one and only gourmet restaurant!
Lucidity: Six-sided Nightmares
You are a Dreamer, haunted and hunted by your nightmares. You seek peaceful sleep before your darkest dreams find you and turn you into one of them. If you become a Nightmare, however, you can still win the game consuming the dreams of your former allies, grow in strength, and become the most powerful Nightmare. When the game ends, everybody is either a Nightmare... or has been eaten by one. Lucidity is a 20-30 minute dice game for 2-4 players. 
Savage Yeti Games
After successfully demonstrating Quaddle last year, Savage Yeti Games return to GAMMA.CON with the latest iteration of “Cows vs Sheep” (first shown at last years convention), their new 2 player strategy/bluffing card game “Kingdom Claim”, & the prototype of their first mobile digital game “PatchWord”.
“Cows vs Sheep” is a 2 player strategy game that takes 5-10mins to play.  Players take on the roles of farmers each trying to claim a disputed patch of pasture.  By placing cards onto the table they try to enclose as many of their animals inside stone walled paddocks as they can or have more of their animals left alive on the board than their opponent when the last card is played.  The timely use of the Golden Goose card can boost your scoring but beware the wolf! If kept unchecked it will run amok, killing all animals that it can get to & decimating each player’s herd or flock.
“Kingdom Claim” is a 2-player game that has been likened to “Love Letter”, but with more strategy.  Each player has a deck of 9-cards & by placing them face down, moving them, & then revealing them to activate their abilities, they try to kill or capture as many of their opponent’s cards as possible.  Offering up 10 minutes of strategic play, “Kingdom Claim” lets players try to gain the upper hand through bluffing & the strategic use of cards.
“PatchWord” is a mobile app game.  This single-player visual word game requires real forethought & planning.  Play for fun or compete for the best score in a limited number of turns.  Create words of at least three letters, all of the same colour, to flip them to the opposite colour. Try to flip all your letters to a single colour to gain access to a new game board.  Sounds simple, right?  Then it’s time to show your colours and beat the leaderboard before the game ends.  If you like word games and games with a visual strategy, PatchWord is for you.

The King is dead!  Without an heir, the kingdom of Kazath is in chaos. You are poised to take the Onyx Crown for yourself, but power rarely comes without cost. You must use those around you to achieve victory, raising your army to build your legitimacy, forging temporary alliances... and plotting their inevitable betrayals.  In the end, only one can Reign.  Reign is a fantasy card game for 2-7 players filled with negotiation, treachery and backstabbing your friends.


Game Competitions

ThreeD6 , Games Workshop (Belconnen)Guild & LFG are running a number of competitions this year:
10:00–17:00 X-Wing
Control the most advanced starfighters and outstanding pilots in the galaxy. Imperial or Rebel pilots battle in furious ship-to-ship combat. Hosted by ThreeD6.
10:00–17:00 Warhammer Age of Sigmar
"Legends of Legacy" Is a Warhammer Age of Sigmar tournament hosted by Games Workshop Belconnen
12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 Game competitions. Garbage Day,  Dead Man's Draw, Fantastic Gymnastics and Zombie Dice.
12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00 Game competitions. Garbage Day,  Dead Man's Draw, Fantastic Gymnastics and Zombie Dice.
Would you like to play Dungeons and Dragons?
The ANU Roleplaying Society will be running games of Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition on Sunday.  DnD is a tabletop roleplaying game - you can play as a powerful wizard, a ferocious barbarian, or a tricky rogue as you go on adventures. We're very happy to have new players - we can help you build a character, or we can provide an array of pre-generated options you can customize to your heart's content. We'll be running the Treasures from the Broken Hoard series of adventures - each one takes an hour to play, and we'll be running throughout the day. The adventures are part of a living campaign know as Adventurer's League, so if you enjoy your character, you can continue playing them in several locations around Canberra.
Sessions will run throughout the day at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm. Two tables will be in play and limited to 6 people each table.  Bookings can be made at the Tabletop gaming area.