Fequently Asked Questions

When is GAMMA.CON 2017?

GAMMA.CON 2017 will run on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th August 2017.

Where is GAMMA.CON 2017?

GAMMA.CON 2017 will be held at AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) on Leverrier St, Bruce ACT. See the tickets page for details on the venue.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available online, at the door of the venue, and through our ticket retails. Ticket prices vary depending on where you purchase them.  See the tickets page for details on the venue.  

What’s happening at GAMMA.CON?

Lots! Check out our program page and facebook for updates, but we’ll have main stage events, workshops and panels, anime screenings, video and board game tournaments, a range of different competitions, and of course special guest signings and events.

Is parking available onsite?

Yes! There is parking right across the street from the entrance to AIS. See the tickets page for details on the venue.

I don’t have a car - how else can I get there?

The venue is convenient for public transport. See the tickets page for details on the venue.

Does GAMMA.CON have an age restriction?

No! Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to attend GAMMA.CON, children under 8 years old are even allowed in free with a paying adult! That being said, children under 13 require parental supervision at ALL times.

Do you offer access to hearing loops for people with hearing aids?

Unfortunately AIS does not have a hearing loop system. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Which day should I attend?

We have plenty of goodies lined up for both days of GAMMA.CON! We advise checking the schedule when it is released to see what interests you, but both days will be equally as good and unique, so consider getting a weekend pass and coming both days!

What can I wear for a costume? Can I have props/weapons?

As GAMMA.CON is a family event any costume or cosplay that exposes nipples or excessive cleavage will not be allowed, similarly, buttocks and genitalia must be covered. Please note the GAMMA.CON Staff have the last say on what is appropriate, these rules apply to male and female alike.

If you have a large prop or a weapon you must check it in at our registration desk. You may check it out for photos ops and if you are taking part in the costume competition. Even if your weapon doesn’t have a bladed edge you may still have to check it in.

Please check our Code of Conduct for a full list of costume and prop rules.

Can I take pictures or video?

Yes! GAMMA.CON is a public event, and there are cameras, phones and media everywhere, and attendees consent to being recorded by buying a ticket and/or attending the convention. That being said, if someone asks you not to take a photo of them or their property, please respect their wishes.

Can I bring my pet?

While we love animals, your pet will have to stay at home this time, with the exception of service animals.

Last minute cancellation of Panels or Events.

If a panel or events is cancelled we are unable to refund passes, and you accept this when buying a ticket to GAMMA.CON. We will however do everything possible to fill any cancellations with equally exciting content!

Can I leave the convention and come back?

As long as you keep your lanyard and plastic pass, you can leave and re-enter the convention at any time.

Is food available at AIS?

Amenities will be available at GAMMA.CON including food and drinks. Food and drink purchased externally will not be allowed in.

Where do I go if I lose something? Do you have a lost or found?

We will have a lost and found table located near the entrance but GAMMA.CON is not liable for any loss or theft that occurs at the event. If you have lost your child please contact a Staff member or Volunteer immediately to help reunite you with your loved one.

I want to volunteer/exhibit/sponsor GAMMA.CON.

Thanks for the enthusiasm! To be involved in GAMMA.CON check out our Join Us page

This FAQ didn't answer all my questions, where can I get more help and information?

Please drop us a line on facebook or email us with your query. 

Count me in, I'm sold! Where can I buy a ticket?

You can buy tickets here