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The GAMMA.CON 2017 art competition is a celebration of our attendees amazing artistic abilities and baring their soul onto the canvas (both physical and digital)! This year’s competition is proudly brought to you by Eckersley’s Art Craft!


  • Images may be digital (ie created on a computer) or using physical mediums such as pencil or paint.
  • Entries may be created using any tools available as long as the end product is an image that can be printed.
  • Images must be physically created by the artist in some way, they may use photographs as part of their makeup but pure photography will not be accepted.
  • Only original artwork may be entered, plagiarized artwork or copies of another person's work will not be accepted.
  • We will accept art that uses existing characters and settings (ie fan art) as long as it is not a direct reproduction of an existing art piece.
  • All entries must be PG* rated as these will be on display during the convention and may be posted on the GAMMA.CON website.
  • Images may be on any theme and do not have to be based on ‘Space Adventure.’



Entries can be submitted online by completing the form below and attaching an image of your entry, or in person on the first day of the convention at the Eckersley’s Art and Craft area before 11am..

  • Images can be of any size or resolution but will be printed out and displayed on a standard A4 card.
  • There is a limit of three entries per person that may be submitted.
  • If you are submitting your work in person, please submit your entry on an A4 card to a GAMMA.CON staff member in the Eckersley’s Art and Craft area and place your full name and contact details on it so that we may notify you if you are a winner.
  • Entries will be pinned on to display boards so please ensure you have submitted a copy of your piece rather than the original, as we cannot guarantee that it will not be damaged or that we will be able to return originals to you.
  • Online submission of entries close at 12 midnight on Thursday 3rd of August, in person entries must be handed in at GAMMA.CON on Saturday 5th of August before 11am and the winners will be announced at the closing ceremony on Sunday 6th August.
  • Entries that have been submitted without personal contact information will not be considered.
  • Online entries must be emailed to with your name and contact details.


*Violence, gore, nudity and erotica are strictly prohibited. Racist, sexist, religious, derogatory or other inappropriate content that is deemed to be inflammatory of poor taste will not be tolerated. Failure to comply with these standards will result in your entry being disqualified.

GAMMA.CON reserves the right to display all submitted entries for promotional purposes. By entering this competition you are agreeing to adhere to the conditions of entry outlined above.

The winner of the competition will win an Art Pack from Eckersley’s Art Crafts and a pop culture prize pack containing DVDs and collectables and be displayed on GAMMA.CON social media and our website!.