Cosplay is short for Costume Roleplay, and refers to the subculture of dressing up as characters from manga, anime, video games, comic books, graphic novels or even movies – the sky is the limit. Cosplay has been a huge part of the GAMMA.CON community since the beginning. Fans from across the nation come together at GAMMA.CON to display their passion and love for crafting and dressing up as their favourite anime and videogames characters. GAMMA.CON attracts a large variety of cosplayers; ranging from beginners with duct tape swords and cardboard shields to professional cosplayers who befit the character so well that they have won awards nationally and internationally for their achievements. Regardless of your experience, budget or inspiration; we welcome and applaud any and all costumed efforts.


Cosplay High Command is the can't miss destination for all cosplayers at GAMMA.CON We have everything you need! The cosplay info desk for any and all questions cosplay related, Cosplay repair supplied by Captain Patch-It, Prop check, Chill zone , Steamkittens cosplay photography, Change Rooms and cosplay workshops being held throughout the weekend.

Info Desk

Info Desk

Need some information about anything cosplay related at GAMMA.CON, then the info desk in Cosplay High Command is where you want to go! This is also where you will go to sign up for our cosplay workshops, events, and competitions.

Prop Check

Prop Check

All props will be checked at the door, if you are told your prop does not meet our specifications then you will need to head to prop check at in Cosplay High Command where will safely store your prop and give you a receipt so you can come and collect it later. You can also use this service if you just need a break from carrying around your prop.

Chill Zone

Chill Zone

Need a break? Come up to Cosplay High Commands Chill Zone where you take all the time you need to relax before getting back out there and cosplaying your heart out!

Change Rooms

Change Rooms

We have two Bathrooms at the back of Cosplay High Command to use as change rooms/ bathrooms for cosplayers, we know how tricky it can be being in cosplay all day so if you need a to get changed or use the bathroom but your cosplay is a bit difficult in a public restroom come up and see us.



We have workshops throughout the weekend in cosplay High command, to sign up come and see us at the cosplay info desk. Workshops include Thermoplastics basics, foam basics and How to build a corset!



The amazing cosplay photographer Steamkittens will be joining us this year at GAMMA.CON and will be stationed up in Cosplay High Command throughout the weekend, so make sure you come on up and get your photo!


In case your cosplay has a massive malfunction, the Captain will supply you with - the Robe of Shame. A big fluffy pink robe this robe to wear while He and the team repair your cosplay!

Captain Patch-It will also be bringing his Cosplay Swap-a-Stash: A donation trading box for cosplayers! If you have any materials/supplies spare bring them in and leave them for other cosplayers to use and maybe find something yourself for your next cosplay!


The Cosplay Showcase

The Cosplay Showcase is a wonderful event that shows all the cosplay talent GAMMA.CON has to offer. It gives everyone a chance to get up on stage and model their cosplay, you can enter the cosplay showcase as an individual or a group and is for both handmade and store-bought cosplays and all ages... This is a great way to build up confidence for future competitions

To enter this event simply go to the cosplay info desk in Cosplay High Command and sign up before 12 pm Saturday!

The Cosplay Competition

The Cosplay Competition are you ready to compete? Do you want everyone to see how amazing your cosplay is? Then sign up to the Gamma.CON Cosplay Competition sponsored by LUMIN’S WORKSHOP  and you could win some amazing prizes for all the hard work you put into your cosplay! The cosplay competition if for handcrafted cosplays only, for all ages and you can apply as an individual or group.

If you missed the cut off deadline DONT STRESS run up to Cosplay High Command and sign up before 1:30 PM Sunday!


Thermoplastics Workshop

Want to learn how to use Thermoplastic for cosplay and props? Then head to Cosplay High Command first thing Saturday morning to sign up at the cosplay info desk for LUMINS WORKSHOP’S Thermoplastic workshop. There are ONLY 20 SPOTS available and it is completely FREE. Each attendee will receive materials to work with and you can take it home with you to practice!

 The workshop runs for 3 hours on Saturday from 12pm-3pm

Foam Workshop

Want to learn how to build cosplay armor and props using EVA foam? Then head to Cosplay High Commands info desk first thing Sunday to sign up for LUMINS WORKSHOP’S Foam Workshop. There are ONLY 20 SPOTS available and it's FREE! Each attendee will receive materials to work and you can take them home to practice!

The workshop runs for 3 hours on Sunday from 11am-2pm.

Of Corset You Can

The amazing JusZCosplay will be running a demonstration workshop on how to build a corset for cosplayers in Cosplay High Command, All are welcome to attend and there is no sign up necessary.

The demo will run for 40 minutes on SATURDAY from 3:30-4:10.


We take our Anti-Harassment Cosplay Policy seriously. GAMMA.CON has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of any kind. Remember: Cosplay is not consent. Keep your hands to yourself. If you would like to take a picture with or of another GAMMA.CON Fan, always ask first and respect that person's right to say no. When at GAMMA.CON, be respectful, be nice, be cool and be kind to each other.


Whether you’re donning a superhero mask for the first time or you’re a seasoned worbla maestro, we have some rules in place regarding certain props and behaviors that make sure everyone attending has a safe and super experience at the show!