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Cosplay Spotlight: Kawaii Turnbull Senpai Cosplay

Today is a momentous occasion! After a tip off we were surprised to learn that the 29th Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull himself, is actually into anime and cosplaying. So of course it was a great honor to be able to sit down with him today and make him the focus of this weeks Canberra Cosplay Spotlight. You can check out his work at Kawaii Turnbull Senpai Cosplay

GAMMA.CON: Thank you for joining us…ah…Mr. Prime Minister?
Kawaii Turnbull Senpai: Oh please, call me Turnbull Senpai!

G: OK…Turnbull Senpai…how did you first get into anime?
KTS: It was back in my OZEmail days, I used to notice certain customers were downloading big files from Japan and so I checked it out. Turns out they were downloading video files of these cartoons with pretty girls and I was hooked every since.

G: What was your first cosplay?
KTS: I used to watch Sailor Moon on Agro’s Cartoon Connection back in the 90s and I attended a friend’s fancy dress party as Sailor Moon, just as a goof. But I spent the entire evening yelling ‘Moon Prism Power’ to other guests and I just knew this was what I was born to do.

G: Are you a part of the local Canberra Cosplay community?
KTS: I’m a member of the CanCos group, obviously I go by a fake screen name, but I’m around if you look hard enough. Its funny how the Prime Minister of Australia in a wig can go overlooked at an anime convention.

G: What materials does your costumes specialise in?
KTS: Actually my wife Lucy makes most of my costumes. I just pause the picture on TV and point to it and she sews it up for me..

G: What is your favourite anime ever?
KTS: I’m a huuuge fan of Dragonball Z and I really, really want to do a cosplay of Vegeta Sama. Unfortunatley I’m too tall and muscular so maybe I’ll do a Goku one day. Maybe I can convince Bill Shorten to dress up as Krillian and we’ll go as a team!
Tony Abbott can be Yamcha…

G: How do you usually watch anime?
KTS: Usually I’m forced to download torrents over a few days as the house I’m currently at doesn’t have fast enough Internet to stream off AnimeLab. Sometimes Julie Bishop brings over her Bishonen DVD collection and we watch those.

G: Sub or Dub?
KTS: Do you mean do I like to listen to them or try to read the words on the screen? I’m not really a good reader and I don’t speak Japanese so I like it when they talk English.

G: Do you play videogames at all? What is your favourite game console?
KTS: Oh please, PC Master Race represent!

G: Do you play online?
KTS: I can’t, I can only get ADSL and the lag kills me! People don’t even wait for me to type and explain that they need to give me a chance cos my ping is insane!

G: We notice that you don’t have many likes on your cosplay page? Are you trying to promote more?
KTS: The problem with cosplay now days is that unless you are willing to show off some skin, people don’t give it a second look. Look, I’m a 60 year old man, I’m from a different era where Australian prime ministers didn’t show off their cleavage to get a few likes. Look at Gough Whitlam, the most risque thing he ever did was that Princess Knight cosplay. Classy and bold, can’t get away with that these days.

G: Is anyone else in parliment into anime and cosplay?
KTS: I’ve seen Cory Bernardi wear a few odd costumes and going into motels but I don’t think it had anything to do with anime….

G: Are you looking forward to GAMMA.CON this year?

G: GAMMA.CON is Canberra’s pop culture convention?
KTS: Canberra’s what?

G: The event we run, we told you about it when booking this interview?
KTS: I don’t recall talking to any organisers?

G: You’re literally talking to us right now?
KTS: The NBN will be delivered cheaper, faster and you will certainly be able to stream AnimeLab on it.

G: Thanks for speaking to us Turnbull Senpai.
KTS: You wont be able to stream AnimeLab on it.

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