GAMMA @Night is back for 2018!

After the huge success of last year, we are bringing back Australia's only 18+ pop culture festival but with even more cool content and events. GAMMA @Night will happen from 6pm on Saturday the 4th of August at Exhibition Park in Canberra, it follows a similar setup as our regular GAMMA.CON festival where there will be tons of free play video games, board games, stage events and cosplay but for the night only we are removing all restrictions on content and bringing in our friends at Reload Bar and Game to serve up tasting pop culture-themed cocktails.

This year however though we wanted the under 18s crowd of Canberra to also have something to do on Saturday night so we reached out to our friends at Neko Nation who are putting on an anime-themed dance party event that will be open to all ages!

GAMMA @Night is a separate event to the regular GAMMA.CON festivities and will have a separate ticket to allow us to check age (thus @Night entry is not included in the GAMMA.CON weekend pass), but @Night entry does include entry to Neko Nation. Neko Nation is all ages and tickets to that can be bought separately.

The guys from Reload are back with their cocktail crafting skills ready to give @Night patrons tasty drinks with a pop culture flair.  You will also be able to participate in our 'Drinkemon' game where drinking them all will earn you a custom GAMMA.CON shot glass!

Cocktails: Crash Bandicoot

Southern Comfort, Apple Cider, Chamboard, Squash, fresh lemon

Cocktails: Falcon Punch

Frangellico, Peach liqueur, White rum, Cranberry, lemon, lime

Shots: Bioshock

Peach Liqueur, Spiced Rum, fresh lemon, fresh lime

Cocktails: Black Flag

Spiced Rum, Kaluha, Ginger ale, Lime

Shots: Rickety Rekt Shot

Alize, vodka, blue curacao and lime

Shots: Brutality

Chilli Vodka, Strawberry liqueur, grapefruit, cranberry

Drunken Doodles Art Area (all night)

In collaboration with the Canberra Drink and Draw event we are encouraging patrons to down a few drinks and then pick up a pencil and compete in our 5 min art competition where you need to pick one of our pre-selected themes (ie 'draw what your favourite pop culture character's secret kink is') and put it to canvas in 5 mins to win great prizes! Of course, you can also just sit and shoot the breeze with other artists while you sip on a bevy and complete your latest masterpiece. 

Mature Screenings R18+ (all night)

Sometimes pop culture can get risque or violent which means we are not usually able to play some of the content people want. GAMMA @Night removes that barrier completely so we can guarantee are screenings will be things you have never experienced before (or at least, not in public!!) 70s exploitation horror, drama and something that might sound like Pen and Lie.

Nerd Trivia (8pm to 9pm)

Think you know a little thing or two about pop culture? We will be running a trivia event at @Night for you to make a group, get some drinks and try your hand at answer Quiz Master Mowen's patented trivia questions. Plenty of great prizes for the team comes in first, get a team together or join a pickup group.

Speed Mixing (7pm to 9pm)

Love pop culture but no one in your friend's group really gets it? Lonely heart looking for a nerdy significant other? Sign up for our speed mixing where you will be able to quickly meet and chat with a range of people based on your preferences to see if you can hit it off. Maybe you will find a new best friend or maybe the love of your life. Let GAMMA.CON be your wingman!

Life Drawing Evening presented by Dr Sketchy's Canberra

Join this fun-filled evening life drawing event featuring alluring local Canberra burlesque performer, Şeker Pare.

Have you always dreamt of having the opportunity to sketch Wonder Woman, Catwoman or Poison Ivy in the flesh? Whether you’re in line for next year’s Archibald, or have trouble drawing a straight line with a ruler, Dr Sketchy’s life drawing welcomes sketchers one and all.

The night will be broken into 4x 30-minute blocks with different themes. During each block your model will change between 2, 5 and 10 minute poses, utilising their own props or those provided by the audience members to make each set different. A participant prize and a prize for the model’s favourite sketch will be awarded at the end of each block.

The event will be run on a drop in/drop out basis, with doors opening at 6pm and event start at 7pm. We do ask that you don’t disrupt the event when arriving or leaving.

Basic materials such as sketch paper and pencils, sticks of charcoal, and sharpeners and erasers will be provided.

Spike Spencer (Main stage 6:30pm to 7:30pm)

Spike Spencer is on stage and unplugged with his act WHAT HAPPENS AT THE CON, STAYS AT THE CON...?! Spike's raucous take on what happens behind the scenes in the industry and at the conventions. From after-parties to kidnappings and porn stars to bottled up human gases; Spike will keep you laughing while he reads from his book full of hilarious versions of what really happens at the Con. Copies of this audio CD will be available at the Con.

Spaceman Africa (Main stage 7:30pm to 8:30pm)

Spaceman Africa is a real person, an Australian who changed his name legally after a few too many drinks whilst traveling through Ireland. He's traveled the world extensively and written about his experiences and adventures. Spaceman Africa the Musical is some of those stories put to music. Spaceman's songs are autobiographical, indie-rock with a humorous twist.

Cospole Dancing (main stage 9pm to 10pm)

The art of pole dancing has long since amazed and tantalized, needing amazing fitness, upper body strength and a sense of rhythm. Combining it with cosplay, dressing up as characters from games, movies or anime and you have a stage act that will really knock your socks off.
Headlined by our amazing cosplay guest Hayley Elise and supported by performers from Canberra’s own iSpin Pole Studio, the GAMMA @Night main stage will be set on fire as these performers take some of your favorite characters, put a new ‘spin’ on them and show you the meaning of sexy.

Drunken Cosplay Build (7pm to 8pm)

We bring 4 Australian renowned cosplayers; AK Wirru,  feed them a bunch of liquor and then let them loose on stage! The cosplayers will be divided into two teams and given a challenge and will have to build a prop on stage together. The fun comes because, come out, its drunken cosplayers trying to make a prop on stage, what could go wrong??


RFI is a live, improvised performance, based on everyone’s favorite tabletop RPGs. Think dice, costumes and dragon-slaying adventures. Our heroes venture forth,
facing off against the Master of Dungeons. At their side stands the mute Bard, weaving a soundscape worthy of its own saga.

Democratic Lets Play (6pm to 9pm Video Game stage)

Do you love Japanese visual novels? Some of them can get pretty racey, so of course, we've found something with a little spice and will be playing it live on one of our gaming stages! Two members of our GAMMA.CON organizing team will be providing the voices and it will be up to you, the audience to decide on what actions or routes we take in the game. Be prepared for lots of awkward moments and funny voices and see if you can help guide our characters to a 'good end.'


We will have 2 separate tournaments at @Night! Classic matches of Goldeneye 007 and Halo 3.

Our free play section will get a slight makeover for @Night with a bunch of R rated games taking their place instead of the usual fair. We have dug up some gems such as Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball 3, Mortal Kombat, Leisure Suit Larry, BMX XXX, Thrill Kill and even Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash!