GAMMA@Night Presented by RELOAD Bar and Games
What is there to do in Canberra on a cold Saturday night? GAMMA.CON would like to present the newest event addition to our pop culture festival – GAMMA @Night! The evening offers and night of stage entertainment, drinks, and mature video games in our freeplay area and a Drink, Draw Art and Crafts area at the Eckersley’s Art and Crafts Creative Zone.
@Night is an R18+ event to be held on Saturday 5th of August from 6pm to 12am at the AIS Arena Belconnen. As it is an R18+ event it is ticketed separately to normal GAMMA.CON entry and we will be checking ID at the door.


6.30-7.00 and 8.00-8.30: ACT Comedy Showcase Parts 1 & 2

GAMMA @Night is proud to be working with Comedy ACT to bring a line up of the funniest comedians in the territory to rip up the stage in this unique show that combines tradition comedy with nerdy humour and will be sure to have you rolling in the aisles.
Maddy Weeks - Fresh out of high school and onto the Stand-up scene, Maddy Weeks has already performed in sold out shows at the Canberra and Melbourne Comedy Festivals. Absurd, adolescent and angsty – you're sure to be in for a wild ride!
Betsy Bailetti -  Betsy is a Canberra based comedian who has performed at various local venues such as Civic Pub and Polit Bar, telling jokes making goofs that expose her unique but probably ultimately awkward and socially anxious outlook on the world.

Tim Stiles - Big Tim's comedy career started two days before the Mayan end of the world in 2012. He figured that if he bombed, everyone would be dead in two days anyway. So what the hell? Since then he has been fortunate enough to share a stage with Greg Fleet who tweeted "Had the pleasure of working with @BigTimStyles last night. He is a very funny man and a gent. xxx"
Cy Fahey - What do you get when you have an aboriginal born in Malaysia that looks like a wog? Cy Fahey! A man whose flights of fancy are as weird and confronting as his sense of identity. Described as an engaging presence, strap yourself in for a raw, wild ride, in this comedic mind!
Also featuring Harris Stuckey

7.00-8oo: RGB Up Late

We have gathered all our GAMMA.CON Special Guests into one huge stage show. In the vein of a Video Game themed ‘Spicks and Specks’ watch as Bajo, Goose, Rad, Henchwench, AK Wirru and Andy Trieu put their video game knowledge to the test in series of wacky challenges based on video, music and charades to see which team will come out on top. Sure to be an entertaining spectacle non the less, for more info on our guests check out our Guests page.

8.30-9.30: Bambi Rey Nerdlesque

Starting out in 2016 Bambi Rey, Nyx Hellfire and many other performers decided to go out and create a show that combines two passions; Cosplay and Burlesque. Bambi Rey and Nyx Hellfire have produced 3 very successful shows at RELOAD Bar and Games to date featuring performers of all skill levels, taking to the stage as characters from a variety of mediums. The scintillating shows brought together unique crowds and wowed them with the performances.
The popular production has continued to grow and is now taking to the lights of the GAMMA @Night stage for your pleasure. You can find out more about Bambi Rey Nerdlesque on their Facebook page. 
Abel Fox – Star Sapphire – Headlining the @Night show Abel is a fierce and well-known performer, recently taking out Australia’s Adult Industry Award for “Best Burlesque in 2017”.
The fierce femmes of the Zamarons were on to something big when they created a most savage weapon: The Star Sapphires. A bunch of badass babes, the warriors of the Star Sapphire corp must protect and spread love throughout the universe. But before they can get down to business there is a serious issue that needs attending to: Men. 
Nyx Hellfire – Ahri (League of Legends) - Good Girls go to heaven, Nyx rose from somewhere else. Forged in Chaos and kink, this firebird is here to bring the heat, just be mindful of the flames.
Don’t let those sweet dimples fool you, this temptress will have you chained to a chair one grind away from combustion. Feared by Zeus himself, Nyx is the personification of night and she will have you wishing that darkness never ends.
Your personal escort to the 2nd circle, she is here to stir up more than just trouble. 
Ziggy Charms – Men in Black - Baptized by glitter and tease, Ziggy Charms will always leave a little sparkle wherever he goes.
The Men in Black are a secret organisation working in the shadows, but when they want to be noticed they will be noticed. No need for a neuraliser as this show is set to be unforgettable.
Eve La Reine – Lumpy Space Princess - As sweet as Parisian summers and opulent as le Palais Royale, Eve has emerged from the garden of Versailles to reign supreme. She will hypnotise as she floats like a gilded muse. 

Fi Bonacci – Cthulhu Cultist - Fi Bonacci will capture your eyes with her curvilinear coordinates and integrate into your heart with her calculating stare. She’s as irrational as pi and as complex as i. This mathematical bombshell will leave you wishing you were her derivative so you could lie tangent to her curves. 
Katarina Klaw – Star Trek Borg - Deep down in the dungeon of your debauched dreams lies the ferocious sex kitten Katarina Klaw. Pouncing and strutting out from her cradle, she arrives on the scene with diva intentions. The Teaserama of your kinky desires, she’ll chain you, whip you and klaw at your heart. 

10.00-11.30: SO KAWAII Dance Party!

We clear away the stage to make room for a dance floor so you to get your drink on and dance the night away to the sounds of video game OST, j and k pop, anime themes and internet tunes. Canberra’s own Akihabara styled dance party featuring star DJ and Canberra’s own Altercate!
Altercate - Specialising in bouncy anthems from the 90s and early 2000s, old school gaming, and other electronic fun. Altercate a regular for Neko Nation Sydney since opening in 2012, among various warehouse parties between.




































6.30-8.30 Democratic Let's Date

Be a voice, be heard! The crowd decides which of the 3 weird and wonderful dating sims will be played through and also what decisions are made to see if we can make it through to end up with our dream date (in whatever form, gender or species that may end up being…)

8.30-9.30: Henchwench and Wirru Makes a 60 Minute Build While Drunk

A mature themed cosplay panel with our cosplay guests, cosplay building and drinks - come see what happens!

9.30-11.00: Ghoulies 2 (M)

Picking up a short time after the first movie, a few of the little nasties stow away on an amusement park ride and bring big bucks to a dying fair. The creatures are mad after an attempt to kill them, so the creatures go on a rampage through the fairgrounds, ultimately leading to an explosive conclusion!

11.00-Midnight Strange Behaviour (R18+)

To the quiet, respectable inhabitants of the mid-western college town of Galesburg, Illinois, murder is a virtually unknown social phenomenon. But when Lucy Brown is attacked by a masked, knife-wielding maniac, and her date, high-school student Waldo Davis, is slain before her eyes, the town is shaken to its very roots.
For John Brady of the Galesburg Police Department, the shock does not end there. As more bodies turn up, his investigations lead him to the strange experiments conducted on campus at The Galesburg college psychology department.


Tasty Custom Cocktails presented by RELOAD Bar and Games – ALL NIGHT!

RELOAD is well known for their nerdy themed cocktails and they are bringing a selection out on site to @Night to help get the party started.
Crash Bandicoot – Cider, Southern Comfort, Chambord, Lemon Squash, Apple Slices, Lemon slices and Strawberry Slices.
Falcon Punch – White Rum, Peach Liquor, Frangelico, Cranberry Juice and Lemonade.
Red Dead Redemption – Tequila, Fireball Whiskey, Orange Juice, Lemonade and Grenadine.
Black Flag – Captain Morgan, Kahlua, Lime Cordial and Ginger Ale.
Beer, wine and soft drinks will also be available.

Free Play – ALL NIGHT

Freeplay – ALL NIGHT!

Get your game on all night with our great selection of games for grownups. We have the latest titles thanks to Blackbox Gaming Systems like Injustice 2, Halo 5 Guardians and Nier Automata. We'll have immersive gaming experiences with the Dual PSVR Experience Station and two Racing Sim Rigs on BGS platforms. We also have a great selection of classics from like Conkers Bad Fur Day and Mortal Kombat.