Photo of the 2016 GAMMCON Committee

The GAMMA.CON festival is an annual event run by the non for profit organisation The GAMMA.CON Society Inc. Staffed 100% by volunteers, GAMMA.CON festival is a two day event dedicated to entertaining casual and dedicated fans of TV, anime, movies, books, comics, gaming, technology and collectibles.

As the largest pop culture event of this kind in the ACT/Southern NSW region GAMMA.CON prides itself on providing as much content as possible to our attendees with minimal if no extra cost.


GAMMA.CON 2017 will run from 5-6th August at the AIS Arena it offers great special guests, creative competitions, attractions for video gamers, pop culture screenings, board gamers, cosplay, an exhibit hall and artist alley and a whole program of great events for all ages. Children under the age of 8 can attend for free, tickets are available online, at the venue and at various retailers across Canberra.


The GAMMA.CON society is an incorporated, non-profit organisation whose aim is to keep GAMMA.CON as a fun, open and accessible event.

GAMMA.CON is organised by an elected team, who manage, and work with an organising committee. The elected members are voted in by The GAMMA.CON Society Incorporated Membership at the end of each year. The membership of the organisation consists of a group of past and present volunteers who have shown their dedication to making GAMMA.CON a success.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a four member team elected at the Annual General Meeting by the membership of the organisation. The Elect appoints the Committee and guides the overall direction of the organisation and Festival.

The Committee

The GAMMA.CON Committee is responsible for the running of the Festival. The structure of the Committee is determined by the Elect each year. Each role on the Committee is responsible for a particular facet of the Festival.

The Membership

Application for GAMMA.CON membership is open to any member of the general public who has demonstrated their dedication to the success of GAMMA.CON. If you’re interested in becoming a member, we recommend getting involved with the festival through volunteering this year.


If you're interested in being involved in GAMMA.CON contact us: info@gammacon.org.au

The GAMMA Volunteers

Each year GAMMA.CON enlists the help of over 100 volunteers to assist the Elect and Committee with delivery of the festival. Our volunteers range in age from 16 to 60, and help all over the festival, to ensure our attendees have an amazing weekend. Positions include: set-up, ticketing, events, games, crowd management and many more fun and exciting roles.

Easily identifiable by their striking Orange shirts, the volunteers are here to assist you during your visit. GAMMA.CON would not be a success without these dedicated volunteers.

Terms and Conditions

For more details on the operation of GAMMA.CON check our Terms and Conditions page.

Code of Conduct

For more details on GAMMA.CON code of conduct and what to expect at GAMMA.CON visit our code of conduct page.